Industries Served


When it comes to agriculture—an industry that uses 70% of the world’s water—the quality, dependable delivery, and careful management of water is critical. Farmers’ and producers’ bottom lines depend on it, and so does the health and well-being of communities. Xylem RCW’s pump, mixer, and other water handling products and systems have applications in a vast range of agricultural, landscaping, aquacultural, livestock, brewing and winery, and related markets.

Beverage Manufacturing


Serving over 4 bilion soft drinks per year, throughout the world.  With a wide range of product for Chilling, dispensing, syrup and juice, bottled water.

Building Trades

The world’s growing population is demanding more clean water, cities are expanding even in drought zones, and building designers must lower energy consumption. A global water leader, Xylem RCW is constantly developing new solutions for homes, schools, offices, factories, hotels, and hospitals, ensuring that every day throughout the world potable water is on tap, HVAC systems work efficiently, and wastewater is extracted safely—making life, and buildings, more comfortable, productive, and healthy.

Light Industry


For light industry applications Xylem RCW offers a wide range of innovative fluid solutions that enhance manufacturing reliability while lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs. We offer products and systems to transfer heat, steam, lubricants, corrosive liquids, fuels, cleaning agents, and more. Plus, we engineer pump solutions for compressor, vacuum, and water jetting applications; for milling and machine tool cooling; and for the safe removal of slurry, effluent, and other wastewater.

Municipal Water

The average person needs 3.5 million gallons of water in his or her lifetime, and with more people living on the water grid, municipalities must find ways to efficiently supply potable water, protect against flood and fire, and handle storm water and wastewater. For municipalities and municipal buildings, Xylem RCW offers pressure booster sets, valves, fire protection systems, and pumps and accessories for effluent and sewage removal, dewatering, chemical handling, irrigation, HVAC systems, and more.