Series 1580 In-Line ConfiguPac

Space-saving design, considerable material cost savings and reduced maintenance requirements.

Compact, self-contained design requires 30 percent less space.
When it comes to space and cost-saving efficiency, nothing beats the Inline ConfiguPac from A-C Fire Pump.
It allows you more flexibility to fit into smaller spaces than similar horizontal split-case pumps.

Trouble-free maintenance.
Designed for easy maintenance, the motor and pump rotating assembly pull out easily from the top without removing the pump casing from the piping. Since the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft, there is no need for field alignment. The bearing-free pump design operates efficiently with fewer problems. With only one stuffing box, leakage is reduced by 50 percent.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with NFPA 20
  • ETL (Intertek) for fire pump package certification
  • UL/ULC Listed/FM approved A-C Fire pump
  • UL/ULC Listed/FM approved fire pump controller
  • Suction and control valve
  • Hose valve header tees
  • Air release valve
  • 3D drawings
  • Tamper switches

  • Bypass loop
  • Isolation valves for bypass loops
  • Jockey pump and jokey pump controller

Controller Options

  • Across the line
  • Wye-Delta open transition
  • Wye-Delta closed transition
  • Transfer switch


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